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This is the home of the KJComa documentation. If you came here by accident or want to learn more about KJComa in general, we recommend checking out the KJComa web site first: kjcoma.sf.net. This documentation lives from input, so feel free to edit or add pages!

What is KJComa?

KJComa is a very highly customizable PHP based website management system. It is specially designed to help clubs or organizations (especially youth organizations) manage their web site. The idea is to have both flexibility and ease-of-use.

Quick Start

  • Introduction - to get started and read what KJComa is all about
  • Installation - you just want to get your site running? Here’s the info you need!
  • Example sites - You want to see how KJComa does in real life? Here you go!
  • Table of Contents - to get a full overview of the topics.

Wiki Software

We use DokuWiki. Visit the Homepage for more Information: http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki
Have a look at the Wiki syntax before you edit pages.

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